• Fashion Snoops - Online Trendservice - Women
  • Fashion Snoops - Online Trendservice - Women

Fashion Snoops - Online Trendservice - Women

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Fashion Snoops is a leading online forecasting and fashion trend analysis service covering the men's, denim, women's, kid's, accessories, sports, denim home & beauty markets. 

Fashion Snoops was created by experienced designers and merchandisers to bring practical inspiration to creative teams in fashion and licensing companies.Through its Creative Services Division, Fashion Snoops goes beyond the Internet lines to provide a wide variety of consulting and outsourced services in the areas of research, design, merchandising, styling and graphic art.

Fashion snoops WOMEN includes areas like visionary, forecasting, retail, runway, trade shows etc.

The contents start with early indications to emerging global trends and follow up with detailed guidance for specific markets and in areas like design themes, colour, graphics, bodies, fabrics, materials, closer to the season. Throughout the process, Fashion snoops brings proofs and examples of how the forecasted trends are implemented in runway, tradeshows and street fashion.

• Long and short term forecasting spanning over the 24 months leading to each season
• Comprehensive coverage of key global events, including runway, trade shows, exhibitions, street and art
• Daily news, brands and concepts, emerging designers
• Editorials, blogs and opinions
• Comprehensive, on-time and deep coverage of runways, thousands of images seasonally 
(full body, close ups and back stage)
• Tradeshow reports
• Coverage of 100 store venues in over 15 cities
• Design tools including scrapbook, collage marker, high resolution downloads, PDFs, summaries, 
colour references, dynamic zoom, vectorized sketches, original art and more

Order two modules (e.g. women & men) and get discount of the total price.

Fashion Snoops offers subscription packages based on services the client chooses (a la carte) and the number of users. 

For further queries, presentation at your place please contact us at 020-5305380 or info@appletizer.nl

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