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VIEW #146

Welcome to VIEW MAGAZINE # 146

Forecasting with ethical product solutions by experts across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others! Larger format to give you the right professional experience. 

VIEW style

" - We will be looking at ways to action and deliver ideas in a genderless, seasonless and peer group manner. Above all we will be researching and connecting systems by which to deliver our fashion concepts in a responsible and ecological way".  Targeting FASHION: Womenswear, Menswear, Casual & Athleisurewear. VIEW magazines develop according to new market needs. VIEW magazine is a merged hybrid of Textile View Magazine and View2 magazine = VIEW including 4 issues per year. Publisher David R Shah and the team tell us "- we decided to create a modern colour-material-trend-magazine where fashion forecasting takes a broader grip."

Four sections

New VIEW is built around four sections that work independently but also interlink to bring you the latest product developments in product and design thinking. Not only design direction but also product solution. Sections are:


4 publishing dates VIEW 2024

View 145 (Jan 2024) Season: Spring/Summer 2025
View 146 (end March 2024) Season: Autumn/Winter 25/26
View 147 (June 2024) Season: Autumn/Winter 25/26
View 148 (Oct 2024) Season: Spring/Summer 2026


(Published March 2024)

Successful manufacturers are becoming storytellers, developing a social conscience that transcends mere environmental impact. A circular or sustainable textile and fashion item must now prove its credentials across the whole lifecycle: from farming the raw material to design, production, branding, marketing and reuse or recycling to close the loop.
So wholesome change should be enforced by us wearers. Designed to replace animal or fossil-fuel-based textiles, next-gen and biobased innovations are sourced from a range of materials such as mushrooms, cow poo and coffee grounds, leveraging technologies from precision fermentation to tissue engineering. How can we get wearers interested in these exotic aspects of their wardrobes? Introducing them to the most unlikely sources and selling it to them as a win on all fronts. Next-gen materials add a layer of science, experiment and adventurism to garments which needs a story to be told passionately.
(Future of Makling View#146)

Smart Solutions
Colour and finish, prints, shine, sequins, glitter are some of the most powerful visual expressions of fashion, but, unfortunately, their impact on our living planet is also one of the most harmful.

Future of Making
Next-gen materials add a layer of science, experiment and adventurism to garments which needs a story to be told passionately.

02 REVIEW A/W 24/25 & S/S 2025
Menswear Messages A/W 24/25
At the A/W 24/25 Designer Collections, we surprised to see a shift towards pragmatism and one where the symbols of traditional masculinity are returning to the centre.

Womenswear Messages A/W 24/25
These are times where the duality of messages – those of hope and doom, restraint and free will – translate into collections that land in the present, in clothing that is beautifully original.

Fabric Overview S/S 2025
Has the mood for ‘quiet luxury’ taken the fantasy out of our textile lives? Not quite but almost! It’s nearly all plain for S/S 2025 but with a difference as texture brings a new meaning to solid colour stories.

03 PREVIEW A/W 25/26

Womenswear Forecast A/W 25/26
Our six new directions invite us to reflect on our place in the universe and the impact of our choices, urging us to forge a path that is both mindful of our environment and true to our humanity.

Menswear Forecast A/W 25/26
Our new menswear directions are an encouragement to embark on this personal exploration of humanity, exploring what touches us deeply, what sprouts a new connection or what evokes an intense emotion.

Knits & Yarns Forecast A/W 25/26
Our Winter 25/26 knits are the soft partner players in a theatre of contrasts that reveal how we dress for ourselves for the world we inhabit.

Casual & Athleisure Forecast A/W 25/26
Mystery and personal fascination are the foundations of a new path we must pursue so that our complex and overwhelming existence yields both thoughtful meaning and hopeful wonderment.


Visual Essay
We embark on a transcendent journey into the surreal dreamworld carefully crafted by the intricate fusion of AI artistry.

Young designers are the torchbearer of the future of the industry and use their hands to embroider, stitch and alter materials to represent their ideals, of what their industry should be and how to achieve this goal.

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