• Pantone® TCX SWATCH  (10 x 20 cm)
  • Pantone® TCX SWATCH  (10 x 20 cm)

Pantone® TCX SWATCH (10 x 20 cm)

  • Individual loose fabric swatches available for all 2,310 colors

  • Double-layered cotton swatch measures 10  x 10 cm

  • Unfolded swatch measures 10 x 20 cm giving vendors twice the amount of fabric for optimum color visualization and instrumental evaluation

  • The loose, unbacked design allows swatches to be compared to skin tones or other materials

  • Each individual card is identified with four PANTONE Color name and number strips and is large enough to be sent to multiple locations

  • Provides the most accurate ways to specify, control, and communicate your color choices

Orders placed before 12.00 hours are handled the same day.
You will receive  your order, if on stock, within 48 hours with UPS. 

An exception to this are bigger orders which will take max 10 working days. Bigger orders are:
(1) Orders with one or more colours for which 15 units per colour are ordered or more;
(2) Orders with 5 colours or more, for which for each colour 5 swatches or more are ordered;
(3) Orders with 100 swatches or more in total.

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