• Pantone® View Colour Planner SS 2025
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner SS 2025

Pantone® View Colour Planner SS 2025


The forecast includes a USB with digital photos. Copyright restrictions apply to the USB so the material is available for internal presentations but not for direct use on products.

Months of publication 2 times/year: January/July.
Country of Origin: USA / The Netherlands



After a period of self-criticism during the Anthropocene, we begin to take on a new consciousness embodied in symbiotic relationships between humanity, fauna, and the planet. This new alliance is based not just on human volition but also our relationship with technology.  It's all about multiple relationships with the world around us.

We see a strong return to essential colours, from marbled whites and greys to the stories of our beginnings in the Rift Valley with savannah greens and browns, complemented by a feeling for all the blues not just of our earthly atmosphere but also our primeval watery world.




A range of new neutrals that play with dryness and humidity, with roughness and slipperiness, with ultra-matte or pearly.These are tones that express a respect for the soil that and makes life grow.


Cleaving away the excess to reveal the bare bones encourages a celebration of what is essential and meaningful. Like a sculptor moulding clay, there is an opportunity to reshape our world and decide how best to move forward.


We have evolved so much, but now it is time to look back and be inspired by the earth from which we came. Everything is stripped away to raw colour, exposing the primitive animal that we once were.


This is a defensive colour story, where colour acts as a carapace, quietly warding off danger. A collection of dark and cool metallics is echoed by drier shades of grey, tinged with violet.


It’s time to be a child again and delve into fictional worlds. We put on masks and picture ourselves as fantastic creatures, pursuing freedom and releasing our animalistic selves.


Strong deep colours that are imbued with depth and integrity: they speak of naturalness and universality. These colours are ubiquitous and practical for many end-uses from casual and athleisure to fashion and architecture.


This colour story is a cool conversation about display, camouflage, and ritual. It is also a story about a universal ever-blue mood, skewed, shaded, and shimmered with a cast of green reflections. 


Slightly subdued tones that seek to flow and manifest themselves without too much spectacle. A peaceful and beneficial camouflage – shades that, like many animals, hide among mosses, flowers, and crystalline streams.