• A+A Femme SS 2025 - 25.2

A+A Femme SS 2025 - 25.2

A+A FEMME SS 2025 Colour & style forecast 25.2

A+A Femme is presented through reinterpreted suggestions, accompanied by the right styling, accessories, colours, moods and print in contemporary stylish designs. Just as A+As remaining assortment, this edition is as well presented in an elegant and inspiring manner. The book consists of trend themes with the colour direction in original dyed A+A colour yarns, complemented by Pantone references and direction of materials and prints (as pixel-based .jpg).


“The Adventure”
Fashion and travels are almost one and the same. Both evoke images and sensations of freedom and fantasy,
discovery and adventure, creativity, romance and escape. We are inspired by places we have gone to, and by
places we want to go. We might not be able to experience new destinations, but we have to find new ways to
change our vision and get inspired. They say that style is a global language, but some destinations still have a
profound meaning when it comes to "influence". All cities are special in their own way. They give us the chance
to explore the different personalities, heritage, individuality, design and creativity. To celebrate the diversity
and unique styles that make fashion so exciting we want to take you on a journey around in six different
destination that are the key themes for 25.2.

ANTWERP a city so rich in history and creativity. A creative influence, filled with refined, timeless and tasteful
MILAN is synonymous with heritage, craftmanship and luxury. A city of innovation. A giant magnet for all kinds
of creative minds and souls
IBIZA a summer destination that evokes memories and longings: bright sunshine, wonderful beaches, great
parties and a free- spirited style!
NAIROBI a new "creative class" of designers. A mix between tribal aesthetic and urban fashion. A fusion of
traditional technqiues and contemporary construction, centered on a strong sense of identity and culture.
BALI an super-hip, boho-chic, uniquely edgy, and an ethical ethnic-luxury.The Indonesian island in the sun
provides inspiration from its artistic beauty, cultural flair, natural elements hues.
ORINOCO a land of ancient forests and immense skies in between the Amazon rainforest and the Orinoco
Eastern Plains, where color is the driving force of this natural beauty.


Inspired by this city's avant-garde and incredible disruptive designers. A city so rich in history and creativity
thanks to the renowned designers of the 80's "The AntwerpSix". The love between the city and fashion
still continues to make its mark. "Architecture" is the main character of the theme and "understated" is the
word. Antwerp exudes a sense of understated cool and i s filled with refined, timeless and tasteful
artistic taste. A mix between excentric and eclectic with a rich flanders' heritage that is transpired in its mix of
folkloric prints and architectual structures.
SILHOUETTES: Shape shifting, fluid to rigid, layered one on top of the other or paired together.
KEYWORDS: New-Era, Avant-Guard, Architectural-mix.

Inspired by the design city for excellence. A synonym of heritage, craftmanship and luxury and
innovation. A cosmopolitan metropolis with a European flair. Milan has become an inspirational playground to
many design lovers. It resembles a big family, an irresisteble force that binds, adopts, creates a bond among
designers and between people and sparks a unique vitality and an incredible alchemy. Its all about passion,
creative fire and intellectual rapport.
SILHOUETTES: Office to Aperitif. Clean cuts, knitwear tops, popeline crop shirts, textured shoes bags.
KEYWORDS: Intellectualism, Cerebral Luxury, Sharp Deco.

inspired by the European destination of party and sandy beaches. Early summer vibes meets space age inspired
shapes. A sense of time that seems to exist in a different temporal space, bringing past and future together but
united by a hedonistic playground that preserves the soul of this magical island. A style that is touched by
the gauzy mid-afternoon light, rich ochre-red soil and a sky beyond, washed with strokes of cobalt and cerulean
blue, and a faint but perceptible smell of the salt flats of the salinas, almond trees and orange and lemon groves.
SILHOUETTES: New 60’s, graphic, clean-fun cuts, cute mini-dresses, athletic bathingsuit, linen shirts.
KEYWORDS: New Space Age, Solar, Vitamin D

inspired by the east coast of Africa and its heritage, beauty, tradition and culture. New like-minded, passionate
individuals committed to see the industry grow and to fullfill the insatiable apetite for incredible craftmanshitp,
vibrancy and artsitic creatiivity. A mix bewtween tribal aesthetic and urban fashion. The silhouettes celebrate
the paradox between old and new, traditional and contemoprary. A fusion of traditional technqiues and
contemporary construction centered on a strong sense of identity and culture.
SILHOUETTES: Slender, straight. Dresses, skirts long, close to the body, weaved or beaded tops.
KEYWORDS: Sophisticated Craft, Earthly, Traditionally Modern

Also know as the isand of the gods. Uber-hip, boho-chic, uniquely edgy, and with an ethical ethnic-luxury; Bali
may be renowned for its laid-back vibe and beautiful beaches but it is a glamorously exciting hub for fashion as
well. The Indonesian island in the sun provides inspiration from Bali’s artistic beauty, cultural flair, and tints of
natural elements.
SILHOUETTES: A bikini, a sarong paired, Ratan weaved purse, brutalist sandals, natural elements.
KEYWORDS: Sauvage, Deep-Jungle, Sacred Ocean

A land of ancient forests and big-blue skies, formed by two regions of extraordinary importance, the Amazon
rainforest and the Orinoco Eastern Plains, which are home to formidable rivers and fascinating fauna and flora
where color is the driving force of this natural beauty. The most unique e variegated birds, with the most colorful
feathers live in this area of the world. But also a lot of sub tropical plants and weird flowers, with sensual shapes
and bright colors.
SILHOUETTES: Sensual, extremely unique, weird, challenging in shape and wearability, vibrant hues.
KEYWORDS: Tropical, feather-like, Inflorescence.