• A+A G-Men | The New Gentlemen SS 2025 - 25.2

A+A G-Men | The New Gentlemen SS 2025 - 25.2

A+A G.MAN SS 2025 - The Menswear Trends 25.2

Published twice/year: Jan./July
Target Group: Men, Colour concept
Foresight: 18 months
Country of origin: Italy (Milan)


We are seeing a shift in menswear that could necessitates  a re-imagination of its future. Whether it’s defining a status, dismantling norms or simply being true to one’s own style, masculine fashion is being presented in new and captivating ways. We continue to thread the needle through past, present, and future while weaving in influences where variety is key. Men’s fashion continues to be a beautiful cocktail of inclusiveness and individuality keeping the focus on quintessential basics and attention to detail. 

  • We are still seeing a mix between urban style and rural ease. 

  • “Gardencore-Bloomcore” continues to remain a strong influence. 

  • A return to elegant sartorial choices is in the make.   

  • A strong comeback in formalwear but with a more contemporary twist. 

  • Skate culture is becoming more immersed and influential in men’s fashion. 

  • The art of high-low dressing is still strong balancing smart- casual and sports all in one.  


Safari Getaway

Mix between urban and rural. Elegant and elevated lifestyle connects these opposites. Relaxed taste for color. Earthy tones,from light to dark with a touch of terrigenous green.  Natural textiles designed with an open mind, softening the tailoring with alluring details. A primitive energy, where the design is made with emotion. Chic, timeless, authentic wanderlust.  Exceptionally crafted garments using eco-friendly fabrics and natural tints. KEYWORDS: modern explorer, ethnic wilderness, urgan elegance,.


With today's envirnmental concerns, gardening feels like a past time that is virtuous, aspirational, altruistic. A new elevated “garden-bloom core”. From the creation of functional gardening collections  (utilitarian, workwear inspired), we are now seeing a more fanciful self-expression.   A good tea party or gathering immersed in the beauty of colors and perfumes with an ethereal, herbaceous, playful approach. A floral-heavy aesthetic that is paired with a more sartorial, preppy, retro-touch. KEYWORDS: Preppy-hortibro, flori-culturist, pro-grass


Greatly attentive to their sartorial choices, appearances, language,hobbies. A classic icon that enjoys their attention to detail with regards to anything that forms an element of this elaborate lifestyle. The blazer is key and it represents a piece of power, revolution and luxury. It’s about re-inventing the classics. Dressed beautifully, not ostentatiously, but unusually tasteful.  A sartorial sensibility. Touch of eccentricity.  A “nonchalance attitude”  dominated by timeless pieces and combinations.  KEYWORDS: keep the contrast, the great charm, coat & the city.


Strong comeback of formalwear but with a more contemporary twist. Bringing personality to a formal look takes expert-level sartorial execution.  This style has transformative powers when worn correctly. A mix of classic rigor with a new sensitivity. Attention to details is important.  From tailoring to couture glam, a suit, in whatever variation, offers a new elegance for everyday wear. Simplicity and minimal elegance is shaken up. Sometimes break the gender norms even though there is nothing more traditional than a man wearing a corset. KEYWORDS: Gentle "Men-tions", Corset & Tie, Sartorial Metamorphasis.

Wheel Crew

A ’90s rebellious attitude. Younger generation inspired by the  return of the skate-style influence.  A global fashion phenomenon that embraces creativity, being your own unique self. It is practical and comfortable. It is all about loose and functional clothing. Its aesthetic is casual and carefree.  The essence and spirit of the skater movement remains:  effortless,  defiant and and carefree. An underground turned mainstream aesthetic, with oversized shapes, durable materials, hyper-casual appearance.  KEYWORDS: SK8-Art, Patterns are king, Phsychedelic.


Ready to ditch the loungewear and master the tricky smart-casual-sports dress codes that combines tailoring and functionality in perfect balance. Super smart with super casual is ok!  “Only-just-smart” and “only-just-casual”, there is no fun, no individuality. Contemporary elements are creeping into this aesthetic. The key is about incorporating finer-quality clothes that are still casual, but also well fitted and rendered in premium fabrics for all seasons. Its about adaptability, lightness, mobility and comfort. KEYWORDS: Safe space, easy elegance, more than just "sweats".