Scout WOMEN SS 25 | Colour & Concept SS 25

Scout Women Spring/Summer 2025 - Colour book + online access!

Get global perspective of trends. Based on themes with focused explanatory text per theme. Each theme is featured with garment sketches, catwalk references, Pantone Textile For Fashion + Home references, which artists and exhibits are important to note as well as "key looks" and more.

SCOUT’s aim has always been to create dreams that inspire and motivate. Our philosophy is to be prepared and, more than ever, we need a clear direction and meaningful design solutions in a complex new world that’s been turned upside down. The old way is the wrong way.

In this new SCOUT 25: WOMEN report, just as we constantly evolve and update our research and past season’s design solutions, we infuse fresh ideas, methods, materials, and styling for a brand new season, bursting with new possibilities. And while the pace still ebbs and flows, the desire for newness and change is heating up alongside the climate.
We’ve been challenged, we’ve been made to rethink and rebalance our lives and now it’s time to pursue our desires, let loose and live a little freer, while still responsibly. From urban city living or escapes, to coastal and rural retreats, SCOUT has everything covered.. (Tony Bannister, Creative Director SCOUT)

Choose between 3 different buying options:

- Book + Ebook
Part I.
 Colour book: printed trend book, incl colour palettes and mood boards with Scout's uniquely dyed colour swatches (cotton) PDF.
Part II. Digital Package of PDF + Image bank folder Lifestyle, Merchandising, Key Items.

All swatches in the printed book have reference to the closest match in Pantone TCX & PMS systems.