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E-BOOK Trend Bible Baby & Kids - Lifestyle Trends S/S 2024


Spring Summer 2024

This season’s trends hold up a mirror to the external influences that have shaped our world dramatically over the past two years, from which there are long-lasting, lingering effects for children and families. Parents and caregivers encourage small children to step out into a world where they can explore what citizenship and community means to a post-Covid generation, creating the space and emotional support to adjust. We explore this further in our Togetherhood story this season. 

Whilst being together again as a community and teaching little ones about citizenship is certainly on the agenda again, there is a concurrent story where parents question whether they really want to feel tethered to one place. 

Parents have experienced (or at least observed) the dissolution of some of our most stable social constructs; school as a singular place or the static nature of work in terms of concept, location, and accessibility are just two examples. Covid taught families there was more flex than they thought was possible. Instead of being forced to uproot their routines, they are actively choosing to. 

This will prompt a nomadic spirit amongst families, where school, schedule, and routine are no longer good enough reasons to stay tethered to a specific geography or pattern of life. Families spread their wings and reconsider where they make their family and what home means to them. We unravel this further in our Alpha Playground Macro Trend Report for 2024 and explore what it means for design in our Roadschool story. 

Underpinning most trends for children in 2024 is a reference or response to a growing mental health crisis. This will underpin new innovations in therapeutic and immersive products and experiences that lower difficult emotions and feelings like stress and anxiety. Whether this is paying attention to auras and energies or delving into digital nature experiences (which are recently proven to have the same positive effects as being in nature), new and exciting narratives that align nature and tech form for 2024. Find out exactly what influences this in our Energy Seekers Macro Trend Report, and see how it applies to product and design in our Energy Guardians and Natureverse stories.

Home & Interior Lifestyle Trends SS2024 comes as a digital trend e-book and is in English.

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