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Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2024 Forecast

Spring Summer 2024

This season, we present four aesthetically and thematically diverse stories. Their diversity reflects the cataclysmic change we are seeing – a clash between dramatic changes in technology, the economy, society, and the environment. Of course, the size and scale of the upcoming changes span beyond a single season. It’s in 2024 we’ll begin to see these inform home life. 

The modern householder will need the home to do and be so much more. It’s a place to heal, escape, deal with the realities of domestic life, and to help us shape our many fragmented moods and mindsets. 

This season, we want home to comfort and nourish us, but we want to do that without reliance on excess. Householders will recognise a desire to be selfsufficient and satisfied with less, as they embrace the Age of Frugality, where limited natural resources encourage them to find more meaningful minimalism and become active in ‘climate investing’. Cradle to cradle thinking is going mainstream. 

There is also an interesting tension between creating calmer, healing spaces and those that motivate us and fill us with joy. Think visual stress reduction without losing personality. 

Whilst there’s no denying the anticipation of the explosion of creativity across digital realms such as the Metaverse, it will remain semi-abstract for 2024; a series of screen-based experiences which can be accessed rather than something that fundamentally changes the physical home environment. It will, however, begin to influence aesthetics, imagery, and interior design as consumers experience ‘techceptance’ and enter the Avatar Lounge. Here they indulge in distraction, drawn to escapist digital concepts and environments, craving and creating any scrap of optimism they can.

In times of fear, conflict and economic instability, nostalgia often becomes deeply important, and in 2024 there will be an attraction to cherishing keepsakes, taking delight in the safe familiarity of domesticity. We will see a real appreciation of home, and an investment in home as the ultimate place to seek comfort, explored in our trend story Memory Collectors.

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