• Trend Union Colours SS 2024 | CRAFTING COLOUR
  • Trend Union Colours SS 2024 | CRAFTING COLOUR

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Trend Union Colours SS 2024 | CRAFTING COLOUR

Through the eye of the needle

Fashion & Colour Forecast - Spring / Summer 2024

We have been discussing craft for several seasons and seen a gentle and gradual amplification in the markets.But now something else seems to be happening and feels like a paradigm shift from the industrial tothe crafted, from the serial to the unique and from the fast to the slow; sometimes exasperatingly slowwhich is a new way to test our patience. Provoking another way to conceive fashion, thinking stitch firstand foremost, and letting all other ideas fall into place at their own pace. Picking up the needle to stitch,mend or embroider, to secure tie-dye processes and bring fabrics together as patchworks, to calm themind and let intuition take over. Some people stitch for the sake of training and stilling the soul and seethe results like a personal journal into the unknown. All creatives are currently longing to use naturalcomponents, so plants inspired these exquisite colour ranges that are full of light and happiness. And for the first time, these hues are realised on linen which gives them a wonderful extra dimension. 

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