• Trend Union Fashion & Textiles SS 2024 | THE GREAT DISRUPTION

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Trend Union Fashion & Textiles SS 2024 | THE GREAT DISRUPTION


Spring / Summer 2024 Fashion & Textiles

In the wake of the pandemic, the Great Disruption is on its way to thoroughly change society to its core, transforming all aspects of life and design in its wake, rejuvenating culture from a most radical point of view. People are migrating from urban to rural housing and resigning from their jobs to become autonomous, leading to clothes that are comfortable and constructed at the same time. Choosing craft as their pastime, fashion embraces the made by hand and celebrates life to the fullest, indulging in antique and embellished textiles. Collecting beauty as a form of therapy, people might live in isolation and need places that heal, introducing healthwear as a new category. With the current disruption of trade, the public starts to understand that it has to become more independent and that local and regional sources should be coveted. People realise that autarchy is a future requirement and that the skill of improvisation will be vital for our survival. A junior generation will have to work hard at saving what can be preserved, establishing climate justice and adopting a lifestyle that takes care of all sentient beings, including people and animals, soil and water, plants and planet. The need for change is so great that some will even disappear down the rabbit hole called the internet, hiding in a world of spellbinding imagination where dreams are animated and outfits captivating.

— Lidewij Edelkoort

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