Trend Union


LIDEWIJ EDELKOORT creates twice a year a collection of trend books and audiovisuals for the textile and fashion industries as well as the interior, design, beauty and well being markets. The forecasts and the audiovisuals forecast trends in colors, fabrics, shapes and styles according to the most cutting edge consumer attitudes identified by the Edelkoort team.

The forecasts are handmade, produced in limited quantity and distributed worldwide. The audiovisuals accompanying the forecasts are spectacular and are presented by Lidewij twice a year in Amsterdam. 

A collection of seven forecasts relevant to design markets working seasonally is put together twice a year by Lidewij Edelkoort and the Trend Union team, such as the textile, apparel, accessories and beauty categories. Three more forecasts relevant to design markets interested in trends annually are published once a year or every other year to address the categories of design, interiors, well-being and architecture & lifestyles.

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