• COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse
  • COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse
  • COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse
  • COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse
  • COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse
  • COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse

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COLOR CONCEPT By Astrid Davidse

The Practical Inspiration & Color Tool for Home & Interior. Save time and enjoy working with home color harmonies.
9 Color groups with 8 trend colors each, made by Astrid Davidse and her design team. With over 25 years’ experience they know what’s needed to design and develop home products and interiors. And which colors maximize results for a product.
Astrid has been working as a ‘Ghost-Designer’ and color consultant for brands worldwide. Her color intelligence is founded on her experience of what works in the global home & interior business.
These Trend Color Harmonies kick-start inspiration for you, your team and your clients. As a professional in product or interior design, you’ll recognize the trends.
You’ll understand why these color harmonies will work, since you don’t need to translate abstract trends. Only very clear and useable color harmonies.
Upload as digital color palettes in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Nedgraphics and you can start coloring right away.
Instant inspiration will lead you. Focus on your design work with a well-arranged variety of colors. Enough to get inspired, but not so much that you get lost.
With a practical compact size, it's easy to take with you to clients, producers or team meetings. But usually, it will be right next to your work desk. Where you can always find inspiration fast.
Get a subscription and start building your Trend Color Library. Enjoy home colors that last far longer than one season.

Color Concept by Astrid Davidse, the highlights:
• High quality folded print work (54 pages of 210x148 mm)
• 72 trend colors divided into 9 color groups of 8 colors each with:
• Digital Color Palettes for Adobe and Nedgraphics
• 90 Pantone TCX Color references (2 extra per Color Harmony)
• 5 copy-right free print designs with index colors (each in 9 color variations)
• Inspirational, exclusive home design images (81)
• One extra digital color group each season
• Compact, easy in daily use, protected by a neoprene sleeve

Available editions: A/W 20/21, S/S 2021, A/W 19/20
Twice a year new editions: A/W in May and S/S in January, 18 months ahead of season.