About us

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Appletizer was founded  in 1988 in the Netherlands. Over the years we have built an unique portfolio of inspiring products in the field of fashion, design and lifestyle. The company name Appletizer is inspired by the word appetizer, a good start of a new season where we can offer you the right design and inspirational ingredients, that makes you hungry to get started. Based on your philosophy and identity you can implement these ingredients into your own products and/or services.

We mainly work in a Business-to-Business environment . Our customers vary from multinationals, chain stores, brands to educational institutes. We supply all echelons of information, from the sources (yarns, plastics,..) unto shopping- and consumer level. We deal f.e. with branches like fashion; industrial-, interior-, & lifestyle design; beauty & cosmetics; publicity & advertisement and graphic design.

Our aim and target is to inform, inspire and advise professionals in product development and/or –design. What’s happening in the world? What are the general trends and tendencies that play a major role in the current society? And what kind of consumer trends will correlate with these more global developments? What will be the look of our products in 2 years time from now?

These information, services and sources will give our customers, within their DNA and design-, sales strategy, the ability to adapt, to develop and to deliver products and services what the consumer expects from them.

Our products have been selected with the greatest care and are continuously being tested on innovation and commercial applicability. They meet a variety of information and cover all stadia of product development, genre and target group.

Our products can save you cost f.e. on travelling, samples, tradeshows and colour communication.

What can we offer you?

International trend- en forecast books

Appletizer supplies a variety of diverse international trend publications in the field of fashion-, textiles-, interior-, industrial- and lifestyle design. We represent international prominent  and important trend publishers like Trend Union (Lidewij Edelkoort); Nelly Rodi (Paris); SCOUT (Sydney); A&A (Milan) and Christine Boland (Amsterdam).

Pantone Colour communication systems

Appletizer is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Pantone color systems. We supply the graphic (PMS), the Textile (Fashion & Home) and the plastic systems to the Dutch market.

By using the Pantone Color systems, color communication has become international, accurate and simple. The Pantone Textile system for Fashion & Home includes 2310 unique colors, and all these colors can be ordered separately in different sizes of cotton swatches, Pantone Swatch Cards.

Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops is an online global trend service. You can get access to this continuous/daily updated service through a password. The information contains trends in the field of fashion (men/women/kids/youth culture/denim); Accessories; Jewelry; Beauty; Home; Media and consumer goods.

Fashion Snoops is reporting thoroughly about important events like Runways, Tradeshows, Shopping experiences and Street styles. Analyses and forecasts of long term trends, lifestyle trends, color, fabrics, key shapes, graphics and much more….. Please visit: www.fashionsnoops.com

Trend seminars

Appletizer is regularly organizing trend seminars with international prominent guest speakers. Twice a year we organize an event with Lidewij Edelkoort in Amsterdam. Christine Boland and Els van Niekerk are twice a year our speakers during our event about Fashion & Colour. Christine is also speaker on our consumertrend seminar together with David Shah (Viewpoint).

If you want to be informed about our seminar events, please sent a mail to Info@appletizer.nl, and we will keep you updated.

International professional magazines

Appletizer delivers a great range of international important fashion- and design magazines in diverse areas. A few titles are f.e. Textile View, View 2, Viewpoint, Collezioni series, Close-up series. Whether you are looking for the latest catwalk reports or long term trends on color or consumer behavior, we certainly will have a magazine that will fit your needs. All our titles can be ordered piece by piece or through a year’s subscription.

Specialized books

Through our extensive collection print & graphic books you can have various editable artworks to your proposal. These books can be bought by the piece and the range is continuously in development. New books and themes come out on a regular base.

The right choice with Appletizer!

All our sources of information can help you because you can have the availability of the right input at the right time. This can put you in the position that to act and react in time on your market and/or your competition. We can help our customers with their future challenges of the market.

If you want to get a closer acquaintance with us and our products, we would like to make an appointment with you without obligations.You can contact us at patrick@appletizer.nl, +31 6 215 380 28 or +312 053 053 80.