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Viewpoint Colour #11


What generates joy? When we asked contributors to Viewpoint Colour what brings them joy in their work and their lives, we received a variety of responses: connecting to nature, positive relationships, parenthood, being of service, the journey of a project from start to finish, working on amazing community projects, seeing the seasons unfold, birdsong... what constitutes a joyful life is as individual as every human being, but the constants are moments of pure pleasure.

Generating joy is a two-way street: not only does joy uplift and inspire the maker and the creative, but it also spreads to those who come into contact with their work. Playfulness plays its part in joy, as does community spirit, and joy also has purpose: it helps us achieve happiness and meaning, and can also be a powerful force for activism and change, as our new issue illustrates so well.


THE CONTEXT: While happiness is a state of mind, joy is an uncomplicated sense of pleasure. As author Sharon Draper points out, small things can bring unalloyed joy. ‘It’s the little things that make happy moments, not the grand events.

COLOUR FUTURES 2023+: Longevity and endurance do not need to come at the expense of creativity and fun. We believe that colour can be riotous yet balanced, offering strong foundational hues that will last for years to come.

PIMP MY RIDE: From BMW to Aston Martin, the automotive industry is now harnessing joy to speak to its audience. Long regarded as traditional and conservative, the sector is experiencing a definitive shift as it looks to appeal to consumers in more emotional and playful ways. om

FIX-UP: THE BIRTH OF REPAIR: A collective desire to consume less and consume better has prompted a contemporary take on ‘make do and mend’. Driven by industrious, eco-aware Gen Z, repair now taps into a joyful creativity that favours extended product life over newness.

THE SLUM STUDIO: Sel Kofiga, founder of multifaceted Ghanaian research brand The Slum Studio, talks to journalist Ekow Barnes about the beauty of remaking discarded garments – and the joy it brings to him and to others

WOVEN TOGETHER: The joy of designing and making. Founded by designers Adrianus Kundert and Jamie Wolfond during the first pandemic lockdowns of 2020, Basketclub is an Instagram-based initiative intended to encourage a stifled and isolated global design community to participate in monthly creative explorations.

SPINNING A YARN: The power and pleasure of textile story telling. Emerging as an antidote to our fast-paced, over-stimulated, hyper-consumable world, hand crafts, from ceramics and woodwork to textile weaving and embroidery, are seeing a resurgence on both a professional and amateur level.

RADIO BLAH BLAH: In the face of the global environmental crisis, making and self-expression have never been more important for children. Designers are turning their attention to the younger generation to offer them a platform – as well as a sense of creativity and joy.

THE TALENT: In our Talent feature, we profile creatives who are designing joy into their practices to spread positivity, optimism and happiness.


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