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Nelly Rodi Beautylab SPRING-SUMMER 2025


This new BeautyLab trend book,  puts in perspective the inspirations, behavior, gestures, rituals and materials that will have an impact on the beauty and personal care markets (makeup, skincare, bodycare, hair products, perfume …) It offers a creative scenarization of Beauty looks with inspirational mood boards, color ranges, harmonies, material effects, packaging and materials for the beauty world.

A season placed under the sign of REBEL !

These new, pacific rebels scour the continents for whatever may bring us together and give time to time (TRACES); they champion free expression through their somewhat left-field and madly eccentric position (CRINGEWAVE); they fight oppression by means of festive and flamboyant parades and turn Carnival into a new battle flag (TURBULENCE); they commit to our planet by making do with what they have, what they can reclaim or recycle (RECONSTRUCTION).

Coming together and embarking on a revolution formed around the notions of respect and creativity… being rebellious has never felt so good!

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