• TPG Sheet A4 (OLD SYSTEM)
  • TPG Sheet A4 (OLD SYSTEM)



The “PAPER” version of the textile “SWATCH CARD”

Product Designers and Brand Owners, get ready for something big - literally! New TPG Sheets give you a full 21cm x 28cm sheet of a single Pantone Fashion, Home + Interior Color. The much larger area means you can wrap a product in color, evaluate more precisely, and better compare an contrast your selections.

TPG sheets are available in the same 2310 lacquer-coated Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors as the Color Guide and Specifier - in fact, they're produced using the same exacting process. Learn more about how TPG Sheets can enhance your inspiration, specification, communication, and production processes!

If you already purchase swatch cards for your soft goods, then you will likely need TPG Sheets for the coordinating embellishments!

Large TPG sheets provide the opportunity to purchase individual FHI colors as lacquered coating
on paper
• Available as 21 cm x 28 cm sheets with front, full-sided lacquer coating
• 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm printed gridlines on back for easy cutting/chipping
• Available as any 2,310 existing FHI TPG colors
• Each sheet in a protective polybag
• Developed with the same supply chain as our FHI Color Guide and Selector so same high
quality output


TPG Sheets - Target Markets:
Hard home, fashion accessories, toy, beauty, pet, electronics (hard goods)

TPG Sheets - Target Personas:
• Product Designers & Color Evaluators – specifying and evaluating color
onto hard goods projects
• Multi-Material Designers - specifying and evaluating color on soft goods
that have HARD GOOD COMPONENTS (plastics or coated embellishments
like buttons, zippers, clips, etc.)
• Brands – communicating color in meetings and to stakeholders
• Interior Designers – specifying color for interior spaces
(i.e. painted and coated walls and decorative elements)


Like the cotton or nylon swatch cards for FABRIC, large TPG sheets provide users the opportunity to purchase larger “swatches” of individual FHI colors as lacquered coating on paper.

Orders placed before 12.00 hours are handled the same day.
You will receive  your order, if on stock, within 48 hours with UPS. De UPC costs are €17,50 per order (excl. VAT).

TPG Sheets are globally launched in April 2018 

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