• Pantone® View Colour Planner A|W 24/25
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner A|W 24/25

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Pantone® View Colour Planner A|W 24/25

The forecast includes a USB with digital photos. Copyright restrictions apply to the USB so the material is available for internal presentations but not for direct use on products.

Months of publication 2 times/year: January/July.
Country of Origin: USA / The Netherlands


Our lives are more nuanced these days. We face complexity in almost every area, and this experience informs our taste in colour. One moment we can be happy with a pale neutral, but at the same time we go out and buy a flaming red. We are much more open minded. Our understanding of colour has moved from the personal to the multicultural, where we bond with others and are exposed to the eccentric, the unexpected. Go into the season with an open mind and a willingness to discover the unseen.


Solar shades that reach from the sun into the sky, rapidly cooling as they travel further from their source of light. As the light changes, so does our perception of colour. Shades shift and blur, becoming difficult to define.
Dependable, familiar colours, elevated by two classic metallics. We begin with the alpha and omega of colour: black and white, a staple in many products and impossible to forget. They are tempered by metallic gold and a well-loved navy.
Subterranean hues that are powerful and extraordinary and form an important group of base tones that have a universal appeal in apparel, sculptural products, and our built environment.
This story represents a new expression of eco colours that are both surprising and familiar in turn, working across functional sport and a raw luxe vibe for the home.

Sensory shades that suggest healthy softness and invite us to pamper and care for ourselves. Subtle and cosmetic medium tones that beg to be touched, smelled, and eaten.
Vibrant colours that express our inner moods. Colour expressed in frequencies that reveal its resonance with extravagant, saturated, abstract, darkened, graded and distorted highlights.
These colours populate a story that leans back, unseen to past times but now, are invigorated by new, future technologies for a more modern upgraded narrative yet to be revealed.
Hot and fiery tones that are glamorous and decadent, capturing the desire for heady escapes. Our red colour family has powerful mood enhancing qualities.



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